Heat Treatment

FIRST COMPANY and our alliance partner Denholm Zholdas are the largest provider of Heat Treatment services in Egypt  having over (8000) KVA of available heat treatment power sources and High Velocity Fuel Fired Heat Treatment Services. We have a range of high velocity burner’s diesel oil for the in-situ heat treatment of large fabrications, Welding Preheats, Post weld heat treatments, Hydrogen bake-outs, Temporary Furnaces, Dry-outs, Equipment sales/rentals and Equipment calibration and service

1. Electrical Resistance

The traditional low-voltage Electrical Resistance method of heat treatment uses ceramic blankets stepped down to 80 volts to provide a quick and convenient approach to many jobs, particularly preheat and Post-weld Heat Treatment (PWHT).

2.Welding Preheat

Advanced automated systems control and document welding preheat to reduce thermal stress in two primary ways. First, it drives off moisture that would release hydrogen that could penetrate the steel and cause porosity and subsequent cracking. Second, it reduces heat loss to the surrounding metal, minimizing the rate of weld hardening and allowing hydrogen that is present to escape.

3.Post-weld Heat Treatment

Carefully controlled PWHT is a crucial step in maximizing the life of your process equipment. PWHT tempers the metal and reduces tensile stresses, minimizing the risk of brittle fracture, stress, corrosion cracking and metal fatigue. This is especially important for equipment used in harsh service environments.

4.Combustion Heat Treatment

FIRST COMPANY has burners that will deliver an astonishing 100 million BTUs. In addition to multiple safety interlocks and redundancies, these systems feature a turndown ratio of 100:1, which allows FIRST COMPANY to vary heat output from candle intensity to full blast in increments as small as 1°F/hour. Output from 20HP blowers varies from 500 CFH to 168,000 CFH to ensure that heat is distributed evenly regardless of a vessel’s geometry FIRST COMPANY Combustion Heat Treating method may be used in a variety of applications including Post-weld Heat Treatment, Refractory Dry Out and Process Startup. Post-weld Heat Treatment: Carefully controlled post-weld heat treatment.

Refractory Dry Out: The secret to long refractory life is a professional Dry out using FIRST COMPANY’s high-velocity combustion systems to ensure that every inch of your refractory is heated under control as tight as one degree per hour.

Process Startup: It is well known that process heaters are designed for a small range of temperatures. FIRST COMPANY’s high-velocity combustion systems feature exceptional turndown ratios (100:1), so they can be programmed to increase from candle-heat to process heat in tightly controlled increments. It is the best way to minimize thermal stress and ensure long run-times in cyclone boilers, CFBs, steel mills, glass plants and other process applications.

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